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High Power signal Jammers for Prision,Military jammers,High Power Full Band Vehicle Military Convoy Protection Roof Mounted Jammer System

Portable Briefcase RCIED, Briefcase Jammer is a wide-band portable jamming system, designed for the protection of VIP’s and groups of people from radio controlled improvised explosion by disabling the radio exploder control signal in dangerous areas. Briefcase Jammer transmits RF interference and creates a "Radio Frequency Protected Zone" around the object (or group of objects within that zone) that prevents remote controlled bomb activation by various RF means (cell/mobile activation, remote controll and other various radio devices) in it´s vicinity with a sufficient jamming safety radius, in order to save lives and prevent serious injuries. Vehicle and briefcase Jammers are also deployed to guard forces in the field, Dignitaries and VIP’s, checkpoint and border crossings, roadblocks, Embassies, P olice and Government offices etc. Jammer are available in various models as per the frequency and output power. However these jammers can be customized as per the user requirements.

Jammers for prisons and other large sensitive locations such as military or governmental compounds. It can also can be used in oil and gas storage facilities and fields, security services, military units, secret services, museums, factory,  border patrol and drug enforcement, customs,  etc. These are specialy designed to be installed in prison facilities and can de used as needed to block inmate phone communication.

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