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GPSL1-L5 Jammers
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GPSL1-L5 Jammers
Tracking & locating Jammers with focus to cover GPS Bands and other tracking & locating devices
GPS trackers are virtually everywhere now days, and there is no other way to render them unusable unless they are jammed. Now you can easily become invisible for GPS Trackers and WIFI Android locators. Stop spies to follow your movement via GPS - Protect your freedom and privacy!
Commercial tracking & locating frequencies:
1.GPS L1 1575.42MHz   2.GPS L2 1227.60MHz   3.GPS L3 L4 1379-1382MHz   4.GPS L5 1176.45MHz    5.Lojack 173MHz     6.GLONASS 1610-1670MHz
7.WIFI 2400-2500MHz    8.Cell GSM 800/900Mhz     9.2G DCS PCS 1800-1890MHz    10.3G 2100-2170MHz 3W   11.4G LTE WiMax   12.4G LOW WiMax

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