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Payment methods available in jammermall.com:

Jammermall.com accept Credit card, Bank Telegraphic Transfer(T/T), Western Union as the payment methods.Some special goods or VIP member would be accepted PayPal,No personal check and money order please.


1. Credit Card. 

Buyers can pay through your Visa or Master card.


2. Bank Telegraphic Transfer(T/T)

Please contact us at jammermall@hotmail.com for Bank account information.

Note:For order which is more than $1500,Please pay via T/T,Please email us after you pay the wired transfer with your order number,amount you pay and the exact date you do the wired transfer.


3. Western union money transfer

Please contact us at: jammermall@hotmail.com for details.

Note:Please email us the following information after you pay vis the Western Union money transfer

1) MTCN:The 10 digit money transfer control number. 

2) Sender's name:First Name, Fast Name

3) The exact amount you send.

4) Sender's address.

5) Your shipping address.


4. PayPal. 

The most convenient payment method in the world.But only be accepted for some special goods or VIP member.